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Quantity available per year 5 Million liters at 55% Alc. Vol.

Rick in association with several Tequila manufacturers located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico has available “Mixed Tequila” of superior quality for export purposes.


Quality: 51-49%  (51% Agave -49% other sugars mixed in the fermentation process) which is the typical Tequila quality used world wide for cocktail recipe preparation, ex. Margaritas, Tequila sunrise, straight and mixed shots, as well as many others. The same type of Tequila can have higher levels of Agave at ranges of : 60-40%,  70-30% or 80-20%, the first number in % refers to the Agave % of Juice extracted from the Heart of the Blue Agave Plant by the process of steam cooking and juice extraction by a rotary press to further ferment and then double distill;  to learn more o how this process works,  google: Tequila manufacturing process.

Mixed Tequila is the most traditional type of Tequila, known for their lower price range. In comparison the Premium quality Tequila  is the one known as 100% Blue agave Tequila, which is differentiated by the simple fact that the fermentation and distillation is done by using only 100% Blue Agave juice extracts, nevertheless, this does not alter the Quality of the Tequila in comparison to the Mixed one,  but instead the 100% Agave Tequila  only provides stronger Agave aromas to the bouquet, and is therefore considered premium. 


Gold is the type that is yellow in color by adding Wood extracts and/or Caramel coloring to match the desired color tone and desired taste, this is regulatory procedure approved by the CRT (tequila Regulatory Body) a Governmental Institution that controls the production of Tequila on a worldwide coverage.


The CRT (Mexican/Tequila Regulatory Body) allows this type of tequila to be exported in BULK and bottled in a foreign country, ex: USA, CANADA, EUROPE, RUSSIA, CHINA, and many other countries and the Mexican Government has representative agents that supervise such bottling procedures. Alternatively MIXED Tequila as described above, can be bottled in Mexico and exported as a finished product, in this case the final cost per bottle would be slightly higher due to the increase in weight of the actual glass bottles and packing.

QUANTITY AVAILABLE: 5 Million (5,000,000) liters of Tequila at 55 % Alc. Vol. per year

You can partner with Rickbrands and use one of our featured bottles available such as:  The Horizontal Barrel bottle, the Special Bottle or another new design that we can develop for a new product. To see the bottles CLICK HERE
Alternatively  you can use your own bottle and label design, we will provide you with the Tequila in bulk and comply with all the legal requirements as your partner or business consultant.

Please contact us for more details on the available Tequila or any other question you may have.

This photograph depicts some of the most common Mixed Tequilas in the industry.