Tequila History

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The Name FARIAS evokes the distant Spain of its origins as well as the arid landscape of Jalisco – Mexico, and for the past two centuries a family that has made a tradition of innovation. In 1889, Heraclio Farias invented the first industrial machine in the world for manufacturing cigars, which he sold to the Spanish Government. He was the Pride of Mexico, winning a price for his invention in the world’s fair exhibit in Paris in 1889 among the company of other great inventor like Thomas Eddison and Gustave Eiffel. Farias cigars soon became the most widely known brand in Spain and remains the top seller there today. The Farias family was established in Jalisco through the marriage of DON HERACLIO FARIAS VARGAS to DOÑA TERESA ALVAREZ DEL CASTILLO. They have inherited a legacy of tradition, work, and great renown. And today, 100 years later, their heirs pay tribute to their distinguished origins.