Rick’s mission is to create, design and conceptualize new products and services, improve or remodel existing ones. Since 1996 Rick has been involved in the implementation of various projects mainly in the food and beverage industries, including but not limited to, bottle, label and packaging design, interior decoration and business consultant for diverse commercial and private projects.

Tequila Farias

In 1996 Rick Farias established Tequila FARIAS, conceptualized, designed and created 2 unique barrel shape bottles and their respective label graphic designs. The company and products owned by Rick, Destileria Farias S.A. de C.V. started to produce and market these high quality premium Tequilas with great detail and care in association with one of the best distilleries in the valley of the blue agave, Jalisco, Mexico, specializing in the cultivation of the finest Agaves known as “BLUE AGAVE TEQUILANA WEBER”, there by guaranteeing the highest quality 100% Agave Tequilas, Silver , Reposado and Anejo, aged in select oak barrels for achieving a superb bouquet and medium to strong natural Agave aromas. Nowadays, the company is active in the production of the finest TEQUILA, in keeping with the traditions of the past and undertaking the arduous task of producing a TEQUILA of the greatest quality for consumers who wish to enjoy a unique high quality premium product.

Tequila farias is produced from the finest extracts of 100% pure and natural “blue agave plant” known as “tequilana weber” , distilled and bottled under the strict supervision of the tequila regulatory council (crt), an agency of the mexican government which guarantees the consumer that  the tequila is made 100% pure and produced only in the certified region of origin.

Ancient Greek Heritage

Ancient Greek Heritage is a line of healthy Greek Gourmet food products, made with great detail and care by the best manufacturers in the Greek valleys, seaside’s and mountain slopes of the Peloponnesus peninsula of Greece; “The Land of the Ancient Spartans”. Specializing in the cultivation of the finest gourmet products by guaranteeing the best Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Pastes, vinegar, spices, mustard, honey and Wine is what compliments Farias gourmets highest quality of certificate of origin.
Rickbrands services commercially operate international and in Greece where it has an organization keeping with the traditions of the past, technology of today and vision for the future, while undertaking the arduous task of providing brake through for companies, organizations and individuals.

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