Quartz Bottle for sale

n the year 2000 Farias Tequila company introduced a Special Reserve Reposado and a Grand Reserve Añejo into the market. As part of our Year 2000 launch we developed an International Farias Club where members could order our special edition Quartz Bottles priced anywhere from 20K-50K at the time. Members had the option to purchase the Standard Limited Edition Quartz bottle or completely customize their order. Only 20 bottles were produced and all sold except for this Rutilated Smokey Quartz Barrel Shape Bottle, which is selling from Rick, the creator and owner of the company,  Shipping by Fedex, DHL, UPS, or Registered mail also include insurance. As a gift and included in the price are 12 Bottles of Tequila Reposado 100% Blue Agave “Year 2000 Special Edition” to refill the bottle. The payment needs to be fully received by Rick Farias Co. Greece before shipment. The packaging is that of extreme protection and insurance is granted to the seller in the unlike event of loss or damage. Personal delivery hand to hand is estimated at 6k for travel expenses by one of our sales representatives.

Just like Diamonds, the quality and value of a quartz bottle is determined by the level of purity of the quartz stone, which can range between 80% to 99% in transparency, also known as the optical grade. Other factors include the shape, size, weight, type of quartz, as well as the complexity of the art work.

Every bottle is a master piece, created with very unique 100% natural quartz crystal stones, meticulously selected from mines located in Brazil and Africa. Quartz stones are hand crafted to perfection utilizing sophisticated state of the art diamond cutting machinery.

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