ATHINA Collection ‘”gift box”

The best of the best from Greece

The ATHINA Collection includes:

3 Ancient Greek Heritage Dry Wines, Red, Rose and White , 750 ml each
2 Organic olive oils, “Monastitiako” brand , 1 liter each (1000 ml), of the highest quality
cold press Greek olive oil.
2 Greek balsamic vinegars, “Papadimitiou” brand,  black and white made from sun dried grapes,
500 ml each.
2 Bags of  mini chocolates “ION” brand, milk chocolate and milk with almonds” 400 gr each
includes 46 small chocolate unites more or less.
2 Greek forest honey in glass Jars “Attiki” brand,  500 gr each
2 Greek coffee bags “Bravo brand”, 485 gr each
2 Cookie packs   ” Papadopoulos-Miranda” brand, plain and whole wheat, 250 gr each
5 Olive Oil soaps, “papoutsanis”brand,  125 gr each
2 Pistachio bags, “Fistiki Aeginas” brand,   500 gr each
7 Organic Tea Boxes, “Krocus Kozanis” brand, of Greek herbal blends with
Greek Saffron, 25 gr each
Herbal Flavors: cinnamon & clove, honey & orange, ginger & liquorice, mint & lemongrass,
sage & lemon verbena, rosemary & thyme, black tea-lemon & spearmint. ALL WITH GREEK SAFFRON



This gift box includes shipping to final destination by International registered parcel and it is insured in case of loss or damage.

Products are protected with special bubble wrap inside one or more plastic boxes with additional bubble wrap around the boxes for additional protection.  Professional experience in packaging and shipping methods have  never resulted in damages to any of the contents.  Every product is fresh from the manufacturer in Greece.

The total weight of this Gift Box is about 16 kg including packaging.

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