Horizontal barrel bottle

Rick’s horizontal bottle (since 1996)
750 ml  – 50 ml

This bottle was designed by Rick and  started production in Mexico to sell 100% Blue Agave Tequila, by 1998 it was in major liquor stores, supermarket chains, restaurants,  private bars and hotels such as: Walmart, Costco, Liverpool, Comercial Mexicana, Palacio de Hierro, and many more. In 1998 the product was exported to the USA covering the states of California, Texas and East Coast States, N.Y.  N.J and Connecticut, imported by Southern Wine and Spirits co.

In the Year 2000, Rick created the vertical bottle configuration for being more practical in serving at consumer locations and to resemble a combination of 2 elements, a barrel and a cigar ring. By the year 2016 the complete line of products is being distributed in 23 USA states.

Created by Rick Farias and exported by Destileria Farias S.A. de C.V. ( a Mexican LLC )


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